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I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur, hotelier & very passionate culinary trained chef. I strive to deliver not only a wholesome "farm to table" culinary experience for others to enjoy, but also to be able to enjoy some of our farm fresh organic produce. My Mission is to craft the client’s expectations and constantly strive to add value to their businesses, events or occasions.

Our Story

We have had such an amazing first few Months officially open and we are so grateful for everyone who have shown their support! Interested to know how it all start?

Just over 4 year ago my husband and I laid the first bricks to the foundation of what has now grown into The Farmer's Daughter Café & Catering Services. I do believe in growing my food organically and there has been no difference in my approach when it comes to my business, giving it a wholesome and 100% natural strong base that people can relate to, rely on and want it to be part of their table.

Our brand was created at the very beginning of covid when our youngest daughter was just born. I saw an opportunity in the community to provide slow cooked, made from scratch frozen meals and have them delivered to peoples door. As the months went on and Ryann could spend more time on her own I extended the brand to close friends as a catering service who showed very encouraging support which led to catering for the Diplomatic Core, Embassies and now Corporate Company events.

8 weeks ago my team and I were able to finally move into the café and develop the next phase of the brand for you and open our doors with an AL Carte Menu at the restaurant for you all to enjoy throughout the week and weekend with friends, families and colleagues. It's a space that we love and are proud of. It's taken us over 4 years of hard work, building a professional culinary team and catering many events to get where we are today.  


So we do hope you love it too and feel welcome for all occasions to come.

It's a real treat working from our commercial kitchen, harvesting from our organic garden and gathering equipment from our catering storage for all the catering events we have been busy hosting these past weeks. Just to look back on 8 weeks ago and remember where we started from, the heart of my home, my family's kitchen.  

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